Olga Wojciechowska has graduated Music Academy in Poznan(Poland) in 2005.In this same year as a member of Stor Quartet she was participating in Andrew Keeling record called”Reclaiming Eros”.She has been playing with Polish Dance Theatre from Poznan and some alternative theatrical groups.In 2006 she was participating in orchestral version of “Beam machine”- David Jackson.
On March in 2007 she is participating in AVGARDE ( festival of modern music)in Bergen(Norway).
In 2007 she performed ,collaborating with SNU,on International Festival of Modern Music in Ceret(France)
In this same year with AN ON BAST she published record “Broken parts of glass in my mouth”with their electronic music for Mind Twisting Records.
Since 2008 playing in Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui theatrical performance ,called SUTRA.
She is taking part in a lot of projects with dj’s and producers of different kind of music from nu-jazz to experimental and minimal .
Playing on classical,and electric violin she is always searching for her own style and sound.